CrossFit Kivnon 200402


1 min jump rope or jumping jacks 10 inch worms 10 chain breakers 10 air squats 10 lunges 10 arm circles Repeat three times

Swod: Shoulder Press (5x5 at 60% of 1 rep max)

If you don’t have a barbell Find something and strict press it for 5x5 on each arm!!

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

EMOTM - for 15 minutes Minute 1-  15 medball cleans 20/14 Minute 2 - 10 barbell power snatch 95/65 Minute 3- 15 wall ball shots 20/14

At home— sub dumbbell or kB squat cleans or air squats for the medball Cleans For the snatch find an object and squat it and press it if you don’t have a barbell or snatch it if you Vance a dB or kB For the wall balls sub a squat with a press of what ever you have a dB or kB or a jug of water or a back pack filled with something