CrossFit Kivnon 190712

SWOD- Squat Snatch (4x4 ...This should feel heavy:) 25 min cap) 4 sets of 4!! All sets are at or above 70% of your 1 rep max squat snatch if you don’t know that or are new... work on form and shoot for 10/10/10/10 at a lighter weight. PARTNER WOD- 15 min AMRAP 20 med ball sit-ups 20/14# pass back and forth to each other 20 bench press 95/65# 20 back squat 95/65#.. you can put the weight on your partners back or clean and press on your own back 20 straight bar curls 65/35# 20 ring dips sub box dips sub assisted dips Rx+ 135/95 for all barbell movements except curls are at 95/63, and dips with 53/26# kB held by your feet or legs or a belt ... good luck:)