CrossFit Kivnon 190614


Partners or Teams of 3 (partners help balance)

Spend 15 minutes working on your next progression in the handstand ladder -

If you can -

Kick up to a handstand against the wall


Wall walk nose to wall and back down


Kick up to wall and do alternating shoulder taps


Kick up to a handstand on the floor and hold


Handstand walk

Make up a WOD you'd really like to do.

Make sure it's doable within a class environment, scalable, coachable, and a little fun doesn't hurt.

We'll name it after you, and save it as a benchmark WOD, and we'll repeat it every once in while.

Email it to us at

and you'll see it when the movement patterns fit what we've got going that week!!

First one up is -

JEREMY (Kivnon)

For time -

21-15-9 reps of

BackSquat 135/95 from the floor

Handstand push-up


Fence sprint

RX+ 165/115