CrossFit Kivnon 200324

SWOD: Shoulder Press (7x7 at 50% or above )

AT HOME- use a kB or dB and do individual one arm press , or grab a jug of water or a back pack filled up with whatever and do one arm press

WOD: Metcon (Time)

Buy in 100 flutter kicks 30 sumo deadlift hi pull 53/35 30 box jumps 24/20" 30 pushups 20 sumo deadlift hi pull 53/35 20box jumps 24/20" 20 push ups 10 sumo deadlift hi pull 53/35 10 box jumps 24/20" 10 pushups Cash out 100 flutter kicks

At home modification For SDHP use a dB, kB, or water jug, or a bag  fillEd with whatever you can find Box jumps you can jump on to the couch or step up on a chair Or find some steps or a curb to step up or jump on

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