CrossFit Kivnon 190401

With clock counting UP for 40 minute time cap -


A works for a minute then rests while

B works for a minute

Switch off until team completes in order -

50 back-squats 185 / 135

50 power cleans 135 / 95

50 push-press 95 / 65

RX+ 225/185/135(m) and 185/135/95(f)

Masters 135/95/65(m) and 95/65/35(f)

(rack is optional)

(you can make a team of 3, same rules, longer rest)

With the remaining time on the clock -

Once you have completed your 150 reps,

A runs 400

B starts rounds of Cindy

Switch back and forth, score is rounds and reps of Cindy

(team of 3, two are working, one is running)

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

15 Air Squats

RX+ is with a vest for this portion.