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Happy New Year everyone!

We'll be open from 2pm to 5pm Sunday. 

Monday normal schedule.  

Happy New Year's Eve everyone.

9 AM Free WOD

30 minute EMOM

Rotate between these three movements -

Minute 1 - 6 Box Jumps 24/20

Minute 2 - 6 Burpees 

Minute 3 - 6 Pull Ups

(RX + is 10 reps per round.)


Not for time - 

Work through 10 sets of 4 TGUs start light, increase weight each set with good form. 

Work through 10 sets of 5 T2B, work on stringing together and smoothness.

Work through 10 sets of 6 GHD setups, floor to toes range of motion.  

Almost done!  1 rep max OVERHEAD SQUAT.

Last one rep max.  We will start working in a strength cycle along with the metcons next week. 

January going to be a little more metcon oriented to start getting fired up for the Open.  We'll probably switch from Hero WOD Wednesdays to Open WOD Wednesdays - sampling past Open WODs

As always, nice long warmup, after 90% add small amounts, record hit and miss.  

Five rounds for time: 

10 Deadlifts 185/155/133/93

Accumulate 1 minute L sit hold (use rings, benches or boxes, keep boxes against the wall)

20 Sit ups 

U.S. Army Capt. Jennifer M. Moreno, of San Diego, California, died Oct. 6, 2013, in Zhari District, Afghanistan, when enemy forces attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device. The 25-year-old was assigned to Madigan Army Medical Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. Moreno is survived by her mother, Marie V. Cordero; sisters, Jearaldy Moreno and Yaritza Cordova; and brother, Ivan F. Moreno.


As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

20 Overhead Squats (45/35 lb bar)

20 Back Squats (45/35 lb bar)

400 meter Run

Okay guys, we're almost done with 1 rep maxes.  One today and another probably this Friday.  

These last couple weeks should give you a baseline for the next six months or so to use when we say 5/5/5/5/5 at 50% of whatever movement we're doing that day.  

Today is 1 rep max Squat Snatch and Power Snatch, both lifts.  

Spend the time warming up and rest between your max attempts.  Record squat/power.

Open Box 25th, 26th, and 1st from 2pm to 5pm.  

Normal schedule all other days. 

We'll be here for you if you want to get out of the house and / or work off some of that food. 

We hope everyone has a warm and safe holiday weekend!!

9am Free WOD 

Tall Fran




(Plate, empty barbell or loaded barbell for thrusters according to skill level.)

(Jumping pull-ups if needed, this is a sprint)


10am WOD

For Time

1   Squat snatch (95/73 lbs)

2   Thrusters 

3   Push press 

4   Power Cleans 

5   Power Snatches 

6   Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lbs)

7   Pull-Ups

8   Toes to Bar

9   Box Jumps 24/20

10 Situps

11 Burpees

12 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 lbs Plate)

Like the song the “12 Days of Christmas,” complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down to 1, adding one exercise per round. Like this: 1; 2-1; 3-2-1; 4-3-2-1; etc – for a total of 364 reps.

Every other minute for 20 minutes (10 sets)


2 hang snatches (squat, not power)


1 snatch from the floor (squat, not power).  

Start light and stay light if you need to work on form, add a little each round if you're good and feel you can move up. Work on perfecting your form, not going for a max. 

Rest 8 minutes, put away the bars and plates, then -

12 Minute AMRAP

12 burpees

6 V-ups

3 hand stand push ups  (if you don't have HSPU, work on getting upside down for 3 attempts or L sit strict press)

Spend plenty of time warming up, and go for your 1 rep max DEADLIFT

When you get to 90% or so of your max, be resting about two minutes between attempts and jump up in small increments.

Record what you hit and what you missed.  

Once you reach your max, spend rest of class rolling out and stretching.

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