CrossFit Kivnon 190628

8 minute AMRAP


Partner A holds 135 / 95 locked out overhead while

Partner B does burpee box jump overs

Switch off as necessary, weight has to be locked out for reps to count.

Can step up or jump up.

Burpee can be parallel to box, doesn't have to face.

When two feet get on other side, rep counts.

(If team of 3, only one at a time doing burpees)

10 minute AMRAP


A does fence run with a pair of plates

B is patiently waiting, flexing those forearms and grips :)

Keep switching off for max runs.

Hold the plates any way you want to.

If you get out the door before buzzer, it counts.

Score is total fence runs.

M use 45's

F use 25's

(Team of 3, only 1 working at a time)

5 minute AMRAP


Max Wallball shots 20/14

1 working at a time.

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