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Warm up your front squats to about 60% to 70% of your 1 rep max clean and jerk from earlier this week. You'll use this number for all six of your working sets.

Back off the rack with your weight

Descend under control

Pause at the bottom for 3 seconds

Finding balance on your feet, keeping a solid front rack position, with your core tight and upright

Then drive up forcefully with power and speed

Repeat for 3 reps per set, 6 sets total

Muscle Ups (or skill-work)

If you've got ring muscle ups, warm up those shoulders and complete 15 of them.

If you're still working on them, substitute -

Set rings to a little above waist high.

With a false grip, do a ring row, transition into a dip, then lock out.

Use as much leg as necessary.

Complete 15 reps as well.

Work on range of motion.

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