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Only 1 class on Labor Day!

9 AM Free WOD

"Labor Day"

Partners or teams, complete 1,000 reps.

(Yes, one thousand, you can do it, you'll have help, be proud of your work.)

Choose between the following movements -

Counts as 1 rep each


kb swings (pick a weight)

air squats


push press with empty bar


Counts as 2 reps each




toes to bar

Counts as 5 reps each

tire-flip (any tire)

fence run (down and back)

bar muscle up

No time limit.

We will use an extra whiteboard or two so you can keep track.

If a team is struggling, extra members can jump in and help if they've finished.

Only one member working at a time.

8333 Case Street, La Mesa, CA 91942 


Tel: 619-784-6548

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