CrossFit Kivnon 180830

PARTNER WOD- 30 min AMRAP 2 barbell farmer carries to the fence and back- one partner carries both barbells switch as needed. 115# on each barbell for men (230# total), 83# on each bar (166 total) .. drop the barbells at the garage doors..

10 partner alternating clapping pushups ( that’s 10 push-ups each done at the same time clapping alternating hands each rep .. 2o between u both) 20 burpees. Split reps as needed 30 T2B sub knees to elbow. Split reps as needed 40 box jumps 24/20" split reps as needed 50 med ball sit-ups. toss ball back and forth (50 sit-ups total) If you get out of the door for the farmer carry and time expires.. finish because it will count