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Partner up and spend the class time accumulating (each)

15 strict ring dips, full range of motion, no kipping

25 box jumps at higher than normal (30 / 24) or get your first ones

25 two arm dumbbell thrusters (use a challenging weight)

1.5 (one and a half) minutes handstand hold against the wall or in the floor with partner help

25 back extensions with a two second pause at the top of each rep

25 v-ups

Cash out - 100 burpees - alternating sets of 10 each - think core - flexion, extension

(ring dips - full range of motion, shoulder to ring and then locked out, only substitute is feet on floor or tucked on bench behind you to provide assistance, and go for full range of motion, no bands, no kipping)

(handstand hold - if you've got it against the wall no issues, go for the floor, once you kick up and partner stops your momentum, partner can stand to the side, one arm in front, one arm behind shins, and you try to balance)

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