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SWOD-  3 rounds. Increase weight each round. Your hands don't come off the bar until you complete all 36 reps. Rest between rounds this should wipe you out. shoot for 70-80% of your clean.  You don't get to count a squat clean as both a rep for a clean and a front squat. 10 burpee penalty every time u take your hands off the bar. Burpees are done at the end. You can't rest in the down position... cleans should be touch and go!! 

1 clean + 5 front squats

2 clean + 4 front squats 

3 clean + 3 front squats 

4 clean + 2 front squats 

5 clean + 1 front squats 

6 clean  

8333 Case Street, La Mesa, CA 91942 


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