CrossFit Kivnon 161101

SWOD- 23 minutes to: 

A1. Ohs 1/1/1/1/1 shoot for a new 1rm ohs

A2. Back squat 9/9/9/9/9 

Alternate between A1 and A2 use same weight for back squat as Ohs. If you can't safely set it on your back, drop it re rack it then back squat. 

WOD- for time 20 min cap. Share reps 

60 bench press with partner!!! SPOT EACH OTHER 135/115/88/33#

60 medball sit-ups with partner 20/14

60 power cleans 135/115/88/33# partner does air squats

1 fireman carry sub barbell carry together 

40 push ups partner does burpees 

40 T2B sub k2e sub knees to 90 partner holds barbell at top of deadlift 135/115/88/33#

40 wall ball shots 20/14# partner holds a plank

Use same weight for all barbell work

Rx+ 185/133# for all barbell work