Adore Portrait Photography

July 13, 2016

Rachel Martinez has operated Adore Portrait Photography in La Mesa for three years.  Rachel specializes in portrait and wedding photography.


In her words:


My passion for photography started in the darkroom of my black and white film photography class in high school. It was a rewarding creative outlet for me, and a way I could express myself in a way that I never had before. I continued on with photography classes throughout college, and always loved photographing people the most out of any assignment I was working on. Soon after, my business grew from a fun hobby and doing photos for friends, into a business where I get to interact and meet the most incredible people and capture a valuable piece of their stories.


My favorite part about what I do is centered on my love for my clients! I love getting to meet people and hear their unique stories.  When photographing couples or families,  I get to see people’s heart for each other, and am able to peek in on so many of life's beautiful moments. As a photographer, I have the special opportunity to share in the joy and excitement of peoples lives. Because of that, I feel so incredibly blessed to be in the position that I am in.

On CrossFit:

I love the strong sense of community and family that our box has! I have had the opportunity to build so many great relationships through our gym. Also the level of support and encouragement that I experience on a daily basis from both members and coaches especially is something I am very thankful for as well. I am a better person because of it!  I honestly could not ask for a better community to be a part of. Our coaches and owners have built a culture of positivity at our box. It is a place where people build each other up.

I am currently a grad student, so I have not been as frequent as I used to be and have not hit a PR in a while, but one of my main goals is to keep showing up on a regular basis and just giving my best effort in every WOD (even running ones) :) – and maybe even get back into competing in the summer or fall!

MEMBER SPECIALS: 25% off your first session for Kivnon members

Mart Cleaners

July 13, 2016

Mart Cleaners is located at 8733 La Mesa Blvd., across the street from The Hills Local Pub.  Xander's family has owned the business since his grandfather, Edward Valenti, purchased it in 1968.  


In his words:

Quality dry cleaning and laundry service.  Whether it's household, formal, wedding, business, or casual, if you got it dirty we can clean it!  Perhaps you're in a hurry, and need something quick for that event or interview that just came up…all work is done on location, just give us 1-2 business days and you'll be ready to impress!  In this busy society nobody has the time to iron a shirt only to have it crinkle and crease in all the wrong places.  Help us to save you precious time by hand pressing every garment to a precise fold and crease.  Just give us the chance to impress you!


I am the grandson of the owner, the third generation to run this fine business. With my youth and my energy gained from CrossFit, I am able to remain lively and affable in spite of the long, intense hours required by the job. I also feel that profit is secondary to customer satisfaction and repeated loyalty is beyond the worth of money, its my job to make sure the customer knows this. 

It is a fast-paced and physically demanding work environment that keeps me present and strong.  On average days I spend 10 hours on my feet constantly moving from station to station; it is a job that suits my restless nature. And when the day is done, nothing is more fun and convenient than a CrossFit gym less than two miles away.

On CrossFit:

CrossFit Kivnon has made me a happier, more confident person! Every coach is so talented and affable, devoted to the safety and well-being of each of their students. They remain determined to push us forward to overcome our weaknesses and become something better, stronger. And let me tell you, after a long day of work on my feet, CrossFit Kivnon is an absolute delight!

MEMBER SPECIALS: 20% discount each order to all members who will allow drop off and pick up at the box! Place your clothes in a bag with your name on it, leave it at the box, and text/call 619-300-0793 to let Xander know what time you would like your clothes returned by!

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